Monday, April 2, 2012

Zack Can Speak With Expression


Miss Burne said...


I love the energy you had at the beginning of your speach! The class loved it.

You have held yourself well, stood tall and have spoken clearly.

Great job Zack, you are growing into a confident speaker.

Grant O'Connor said...

Hi Zack,

Wow great job! you spoke with a lot energy at the beginning and you were very clear through your whole mihi! I really enjoyed it. I love wrestling too but you should be careful when playing it.

Mr O'Connor

ADRIEL said...

EXELLENT work Zack u have made an improvement even i like your expression work. keep it up


Anonymous said...

Hi zack, Loved the way u expressed yourself and how confident u sounded. Keep up the great work, hope to see more blogs.

Lots of love Mum & Dad

Anonymous said...

hi zackariah(: I love the way you expressed yourself,and the way you spoke with that tone of voice.
keep up the excellent work and keep improving.

much love Erika(your darling cousin)