Monday, April 2, 2012

Where does Dartanian's Name Come From?


Miss Burne said...


I really enjoyed you speech, you included a lot of detail. Thank you for sharing where you name came from.

Grant O'Connor said...

Hi Dartanian,

Thank You for sharing where your name comes from, it's a fun story. I learnt something new about you. I didn't know you were Niuean. Look forward to your next post

Mr O'Connor

Anonymous said...

Hi dartanian,

I like the way you used lots of detail in your story.I didnt know your awesome name came from the three maskters.But my favorite part was when you said my name comes from the three maskters but now i know because you said it in your mihi and you have a funyy nickname our is that what you say at home i think thats waht you say for at home because tim and tam are a yummy bictics that are caved in choalte that in paknin save.i look foward to your next post and thank you for sharing your work

Allanah King said...

I like the story of the Three Muskateers too but I have never read the book. I watched the movie.

You speak strongly. I hope you get your ear problem sorted so that you can hear better.

Best wishes


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Nikita said...

Hi Dartanian,

Its me your sister I really like the way you said that people call you tim tam.I like the way that you said where your name came from.I really enjoyed it heaps.

From Nikita

Anonymous said...

Hi son
I really enjoyed watching this video and I was so proud to hear you speak our language because our language is becoming extinct and we need to be able to teach each of our children, the importance of our niuean language. Dad likes the fact that you want to become a butcher like him and he will definitely teach you everything you need to know about becoming a butcher. And as for your ear problem it is now becoming clear that you have improved with your heariing but we still have appointments to attend to make things all ok with you. Love you heaps. Dad, Mum, and tyson.