Monday, April 2, 2012

Toma Tells The World About Himself


Miss Burne said...


you have told us lots of interesting things about yourself, well done.

I enjoyed how you spoke in a clear voice and how you looked at the camera most of the time. How clever of you to check the prompt cards when you were not quite sure what to say next.

You have made your family proud, well done.

Grant O'Connor said...

Hi Toma,

I really enjoyed your mihi!! You did some research and found out about your family and where they were from. Your family would be really proud of you! You are a good speaker!

Mr O'Connor

Whaea Sophie said...

TU MEKE Toma. I think we are from the same place? You spoke with pride and confidence and Im sure all your Tupuna and your BIG Family are all very proud, but I think if you practised a little more it would of been perfect. xxxxxx