Thursday, September 22, 2011

Khaia's Makes Two Animations!

Khaia has completed two animations that link to her studies
around the Rugby World Cup and France.


Lawson said...

These animations are cool!! they are really good and you have a good fact about Paris and France and those sound effects were amazing how did you make it is amazingly good job comment to me when you make another one!!

Anonymous said...

Wow I loved your animation and I like how you included yourself and the Eiffel tower. Once again great job Khaia.


Henry Tumanuvao said...

Hey Khaia.
Great Animation there.
I love the way you did your Eiffel Tower.
Well Keep Up The Good Work.

Lepa said...

Hi Khaia

Awesome animation
I like the way you did your Eiffel Tower.
Keep up the amazing work!!


Roshawnda Thompson's EDM310 class blog said...

I really enjoyed your animations. I especially enjoyed the sound effects that you used, and the Rugby fans in the background. Great Work! :)

Maegan Torres said...

Hi Khaia! My name is Maegan Torres and I am a student in Dr. Strange's class at the university of South Alabama. I thought your animations were really nifty and those sound effects went along perfectly. I even loved how you included yourself in the animations. I would love to learn how to do stuff like this. Keep up the good work, because I can't wait to see more from you!

Anonymous said...

another amazing animation! can you make yourself climb the Eiffel Tower? hehe

love mummy x