Thursday, September 22, 2011

Five Minutes Of French

For our latest movie for School TV we thought we would learn some Rugby terms in French and show off some of the animations we have been working on.


Miss Burne said...

You are so clever!

MARILYN IN ROOM 10 said...

What a great movie.I liked how you used team work.My favroite part was meeting the captain of the french rugby team thierry disatouir.GO FRANCE!!! FROM MARILYN

Henry Tumanuvao said...

Hey Room 10.
I really loved these animations and french words.
keep up the good work.

junior said...

you's guys a so talented with your animations and the way you speech keep up the good work room 10

junior room 22

TuleT said...

Hi room 10
I liked your your animation and when you have a part your speech is loud and clear.

keep up the good work.:)

Teari said...

Hi Room 10
I liked your animations and when yous talk its loud and clear.

Keep up the good work. :)

Apii Glenbrae said...

Hi Lucy I really liked your movie its fantastic

ashley said...

I liked your movei.From ashley