Thursday, September 15, 2011

Canada V's Tonga

Tevita and Dartanian have been learning how to interview, film, and edit their footage in imovie.
They have made their first film with the help of some special Canadian guests!


Miss Burne said...

Tevita and Dartanian,

What a wonderful interview. You are such professionals.

I look forward to you helping me teach some other children on how to edit in imovie. What experts you have become.

Ramsey Willis said...

Hi Tevita and Dartanian

My name is Ramsey Willis and I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama in the USA. That was a great movie you created in imovie. I am sorry Tonga didn't win but your interviews were excellent. I look forward to seeing more of your movies in the future.

P.S. I have never seen a live Rugby match but would be really interested in seeing one someday. Hey, I might cheer for Tonga.

whitney said...

Tevit and Dartanian,

Hi, I am Whitney Watson and an edm310 student. I attend the University of South Alabama. You guys did an excellent job putting together this video using imovie. I wish I could have started using technology this way at your age. This is a very useful tool that will help you in the future. Good luck with school this year and keep up the good work!