Saturday, May 21, 2011

Writing Instructions

Room Ten have been learning how to write instructions. We imagined that an Alien has visited Room Ten from out of space to learn how we make, do and operate things.

We have been instructing our alien to make, do and operate many things. This short movie and piece of writing shows how we instructed our alien to make Fairy Bread which is sometimes served at childrens birthday parties. See if you can follow our instructions and make Fairy Bread too.

How to make magical fairy bread

How to make fairybread

  • bread
  • hundred's and thousand's
  • butter
  • plate
  • knife
  • servette
  • soap
  • water
1. Wash you hands with soap and water
2. Get a piece of bread
3. Spread some butter on the bread
4. Sprinkle on some hundred's and thousand's
5.Cut the bread into two pieces
6. Eat it

Sprinkle carefully so the sprinkles land on your bread.


Wyatt P said...

That makes me want to have some fariybread.I might make it sometime,that is easy to prepare and a easy meal to enjoy.But don't eat too much because you'll get diabetes because of the sugar.

Nice Work Room 10 (And Miss Burne)

Wyatt P said...

That me want some fairybread.Because it's an easy meal and easy to prepare.But don't eat too much because you'll get diabetes.

Nice Work Room 10 (And MisBurnes