Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Gruffalo

This amazing puppet show was made by:
Narrator and Mouse - Khaia
Fox - Paris
Owl - Collin
Snake - Johnlee
Gruffalo - Maysun

Background and Puppeteers:
Elizabeth Uea, Elizabeth Glassie, Marilyn, Sean and Suli


Ronns Mum said...

I love the story. It's so sweet of you guys. Enjoyed it a lot.

Room ten said...

Hi room ten I like the gruffalo well done room ten . From Elizabeth,Johnlee, Ronn and Ashley.

Etta said...

Hey Room 10,
That was a great play I really enjoyed it cant wait for your next storie.

10 said...

Hi Room 10

I like your movie I THOUGHT that it was amazing

from khaia.

Anonymous said...

WELL DONE Khaia, Paris, Collin, Johnlee and Maysun. Throughly enjoyed your puppet show and what great reading from you all. Keep up the great reading Khaia.

Love Mummy x