Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lets use our imaginations Room 10!

To inspire us for writing Room Ten have been pretending to be statues.
First we did some research on Google and looked at images of statues.
Next we searched You Tube and watched some amazing human statues in action. Miss Burne then asked to think about the qualities of both kinds of statues and then we played musical statues and tried to be as still as some of the statues we had seen.

Here is a short movie of our game of musical statues. Do you think we are a still as a statue?

We are busy writing our stories this week so keep checking our blog to see and hear what we wrote.

Ronn was the videographer for this movie. I am sure you agree he has done an amazing job filming our writing experience.


Year3 Meadowbank 2011 said...

Well done Room 10 you are fantastic at dancing and turning into statues when the music stops! This is the first time we have visited your blog and we really want to try adding to our blog too. Please come and check out our blog sometime soon.
From Room 6 at Meadowbank School.

Mrs She said...

Hi Room 1o,

Yes, you can! You guys reminded me of my last movie!

Mrs She.

Destiny Ngawaka said...

Hi room 10
Wow yous are a talented class and i hope to see more from you.

Keep your work up room 10
Well done

From Destiny

Melvin said...

Hi Rm 10

I like the way you guys move I wish I'd play musical statues with yous and I like the song as well

Thank you for the video.

Jorja said...

Hi room 10
pretty good moves you got there.I really also like your music and you can stay still like statues .
From Jorja

MARTHA said...

what do I think I thought It was cool
but just geat last time dance it was not
my think that is what you were thinking well keep up you very amaze think you are doing well done room 10 get it on.

by Martha.

Anonymous said...

Hi room 10.I really liked your video about how still you can be.I think you were really still as a statue.I know you will be good dancer's you grow up.Keep up the good work.

Sisilia M said...

Hi room 10 I really like your movie to was cool and I like the part that the class was dancing this is sisilia .

Texas said...

Hey room 10 I liked your dancing that all your class did.I hope you do some more new work you did.And that was great song.

anthony said...

Hi room 10 I rally like how you were dance
you got cool dancing there you hid cool musical play when you were dancing good work keep it up room 10.from anthony

Texas said...

Hi room 10 I liked your dancing you did it was all some.Keep up the great work and hope you do it again.

sisilia said...

Hi again this is sisilia I really like your movie. And I like when you was dancing thats really cool.

sisilia said...

I think thats a cool movie.

sisilia said...

Hi room 10 I really like your movie was fantastic and the music too.This is sisilia.