Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Elizabeth Has Completed All Four Animations!

Our focus this term was to learn to become more independent in using Hyperstudio and Imovie. Elizabeth has made these four short movies. She now understands the process of how to export images out of hyperstudio into imovie, how to record her voiceover and then share her movie with the world. Wonderful job Elizabeth.


marilyn said...

WOW Elizabeth g you are really good at making movies.It is fun looking at your animation.What a wonderful movie.I hope france wins the rugby world cup.From Marilyn room ten.

Ashleigh Strasser said...

Hello Elizabeth. My name is Ashleigh Strasser and I am a college student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile Alabama. I just watched your video and I think you did a great job. Keep up the good work.