Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sailing With Captain Cook

For School TV Room 8 have made a movie about Captain Cook and
the sailors on his ship the Endeavour. We had lots of fun making
our movie and we learnt a lot about what life would have been like onboard.

We hope you enjoy it.


Miss Burne said...

Wow Room 8 what excellent, strong and clear voices you have used in our movie!

Great job filming Maysun.

I am very proud of you Room 8.

miss burnes dad said...

Awesome filming and great story line. Really liked the way you told the story in such clear voices. love the pictures. Well done.

Julie Burne said...

gosh you are all such good speakers. Amazing story.

Miss Walker said...

Wow, WOW !!!!! What an amazing movie. I learnt alot about the voyage on the Endeavor.
This was really well filmed. Everyone said their lines very well. I liked the pictures that you drew and I liekd the way you used the sea as a background.
This is very clever. Really very, very, very cool.

jordan's mum said...

you look so cool jorda...well done room 8 and keep up the good work ;)

Ernie said...

Hi Room 8,
That looked scary! I liked the background you used and how you all spoke so well.
From Ernie.

Korero Pt England said...

This was such a cool movie I watched it twice on PENN! You people are so talented I think you could take over producing PENN very soon.
Well done to all of you.
Mrs Burt

Tau said...

Hi room 8 a great movie about james cook helping their people with fruit and vegetables.