Friday, October 5, 2012

Making A Bubble Cone

I dipped my bubble blower into the gray bucket of slimy liquid  and raised my bubble cone  and blew as slow and soft as a turtle . The adventures children of Room ten made a cone inside the sweet smelling classroom on a beautiful sunny day. We  challenged ourselves to have fun and an exciting experience.

We watched the YouTube clip, the clip demonstrated on the projecter what to do. The magical children of Room Ten made bubble cone's and celleotaped inside the of cone. I was successful in creating and making a bubble blower. My bubble cone was shaped like a ice cream cone. I keeped on going by preservered until I got it right.

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Room 8 said...

I like the way you described the liquid you put your cone into. I like the photo you used because it shows how you made your bubble cone. I'd like to try this activity with my own class!
Thank you for sharing and keep up your great work :)

Miss Bolton, Year 3/4 teacher at Paerata School