Monday, February 13, 2012

Elizabeths Goal for 2012

Kia ora my name is Liz and my favourite place is the Cook Islands. I think that I am good at reading and I really enjoy writing at school. My goal this year is to get better at Maths. A new friend that I have made at school is Venetia.


Fiona Grant said...

Kia ora Liz, It's a good idea to set goals. My goal this year is to read more to help my learning. Looking forward to reading more of your class blog posts.

Josephine said...

Hi love how you and your teacher are blogging at the moment!!

I love how you wrote about your best friend and also love the work!!

Keep it up!


Hi Elizabeth it is me Venetia.I love your picture.I love your great work in Room 10 too.

Aurora said...

Hello my cus its me Ora great to see you keeping up with you work. It is also good that you presented our island well I also loved your story