Tuesday, April 12, 2011

James tells us about himself

James has created an animation that tells us all about himself.
He hopes you enjoy it.


Miss Burne said...

James, I love how you animated your rugby ball, well done arn't you clever.
You have made your voiceover with a very clear voice.
I can't wait to see next term animation.

Kelly Clerke said...

Hi James, my name is Kelly, I am from Taupo and I'm learning to be a teacher just like Miss Burne.
I decided to watch your animation to see what sort of activities children do in your school, Pt England. I must say I am amazed by how good your animation is, I really liked how the rugby ball flew through the air.
I look forward to coming back here and watching more of yours, and other childrens, videos and animations.
Kelly Clerke

Mrs She said...

Hi, James,

Wow! Your animation is so cool. I like the way you kicked the ball. And you spoke very clearly too! Thank you for sharing!

Mrs She.

Emma said...

Hi James.

Your video is awesome! Very well done, you can kick that ball especially well. Future All Black!! :)


ilalio said...

I really like your video. The best bit for me was when you kick the ball in the goal post. Keep up the hard work.