Friday, July 2, 2010

Toma's Crater Has Lots of Rocks

The bus arrived. When we went Mt Wellington on the bus we saw Rangitoto. When we all looked out we saw lots of volcanoes and we saw a very big crater it had lots of rocks in the crater.


Seini-Mino said...

Hello Toma

Your picture looks very cool. I think you would have had fun, and you might have even seen your house or our school. I hope you had a very safe trip. Good job Toma!
From Seini-Mino

Toreka said...

Hi Toma!
Cool picture! It must've been cool being able to see Rangitoto when you're going on a trip to Mt Wellington! You must have had a lot of fun going! Team Four went on a trip to One Tree Hill. It was very cool.
Keep up the cool drawings!

Miss Garden said...

Thanks for sharing your graphic and writing about your trip with us Toma. Could you see Pt England from the top of Mt Wellington?
Miss Garden

Anonymous said...

hi Miss Garden

I could see Pt England.
Thanks for your comment